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Postby нолька » 22 Mar 2012, 10:43

шо значит как в WC? если имеется трдос (вдос), то он использует аппаратные фишки прошивки TS-Labs'а
<alone> предлагаю тслабсу дать транк, но с условием чтобы он впилил туда спрайтотайлы, но не трогал атм
<LordVader> alone: яготов всосать срайты от тслабса )
<LordVader> атм режимы это пиздец
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Postby TS-Labs » 22 Mar 2012, 13:19

baxter wrote: а можно сделать как в wild commander, напрямую работать с trd на hdd/sd?

Опиши функционал, который ты хочешь. Нифига не понял.
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Postby baxter » 22 Mar 2012, 20:04

TS-Labs wrote:Опиши функционал

Отбой. Нолька уже ответил.
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Postby VELESOFT » 25 Mar 2012, 16:16

Small bug in Driver info. If DIVIDE driver is select then WDC in top line show only:

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Postby VELESOFT » 20 Jan 2013, 13:41

WDC support also fast import TRD images to ramdisc in Pentagon 1024kB memory.
TRDtoRAM plufin is runable after press key "F" in WDC and speed load full TRD image from FAT32 as 16kB blocks direct to ram pages at from end of 1MB memory. This way make during 5 seconds sector copy of TRD file in ramdisc (sector copy is better than import files from TRD file via "unTRD" key.
Yet WDC contain TRDtoRAM plugin only for Pentagon 1024 memory and on other ZX clones with different ram paging ports can be used only "unTRD"(very slow and not import data of other disc sectors).

Today I rewrite source code of TRDtoRAM plugin for other ZX clones: ZX Profi 1024, Scorpion 1024

Info about ramdisc data in 1MB ram on different zx clones

ZX Profi 1024: For this clone exist two old versions of tr-dos 5.66xx. Both this tr-dos use ramdisc as TRD image from 16th ram page (ram 0-7=zx128 mem, ram 8-15=256kB mem,from ram page 16 begin TRD image). Work with ramdisc in this tr-dos is slower than in new TR-DOS versions 6.11x.

Scorpion 1024 For this clone not exist any ramdisc based tr-dos....

Pentagon 1024 For this clone exist more TR-DOS versions 6.xx with very fast work with ramdisc. Ramdics (trd image) begin from last ram page in 1MB memory

Then I modify TR-DOS 6.11P(based on TR-DOS 6.11E) for other ZX clones. Here is new TR-DOS 6.11Q in versions for Pentagon 1024,ZX Profi 1024 and Scorpion 1024 with same ramdisc layout in memory = compatible with ramdisc on Pentagon 1024 = begin from last ram page of 1MB memory. Here is first beta version with source code:

I have also modified source code of TRDtoRAM plugin for WDC and now exist three versions: For Pentagon 1024,Scorpion 1024, ZX Profi 1024.
I can send source to author of WDC for new plugins...
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